An Overview of Drain Camera Inspection and Its Benefits

Even though drainage systems are hidden from view under the ground they should not be ignored. A drainage problem as simple as a leaking drain can impact an entire home. Degrading drainage systems can lead to various structural and other greater problems. So, are you having drainage problems and you have no clue what the problem is or where to dig? This is usually the case.

Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, you can now call for a video drain inspection in order to diagnose the drainage issue and discover exactly where the problem lies, whether it is a clogged drain, slow draining sewer pipe, or any other problem that is accessible via the drain camera technology. There are a wide variety of companies that provide this service but if you are located in the Toronto area I suggest hiring ADP Toronto Plumbing to perform a video camera inspection of your drain system, I know them personally and can vouch for their skill and expertise in quickly locating drain and sewer pipe problems as well as their accuracy of diagnosis.

What is Drain Inspection?

cctv drain inspection equipmentA drain video inspection is carried out either by a plumbing company or by a qualified specialist. During the inspection they run a line or scope with a video camera at its end, down the house’s sewer line or the branch lines, the pipes leading from the faucets and bathtubs to the sewer line. The video camera will display in high-quality imagery for the plumber the inside of the pipes on a nearby monitor.

The drain video inspection systems of today offer a wider variety of inspection functions that can improve the performance of your household piping-system. This includes self-righting camera technology and a wide variety of camera sizes.

Video Drain Inspection Technology

There are a variety of important inspection details which take place during the drain camera inspection and they include:

  • Diagnosing the extent of the issue within the pipe
  • Locating the exact problems
  • Determining which steps to take and the best approach to solve the problem

During the cleaning of the drain the full extent of the problem can be better assessed. This will ensure that a pipeline is back to its free-flowing condition after cleaning, or what other repair work must be performed.

When Would You Need a Camera Inspection?

Typically, if you are having problems with your drainage system and using and auger has not yet fixed it and any other methods you’ve tried haven’t fixed it either, then you will certainly have to call for a pro plumber to come and take a look at it. However, if you are adding or remodeling a bathroom or kitchen in your house, you might need an inspection then as well. Since the quantities of waste water involved will increase, it is better to get the drainage system inspected to ensure the increased needs can be handled by it.

DIY Drain Inspection Is Not Enough!

DIY-level drain inspection scopes are available on the market but they are not long enough so you will not able to inspect more than the first few feet of your drainage system. Moreover, they do not have self-righting or auto-focus features. On the other hand, drain video scopes used by plumbing companies and specialists have high-resolution cameras, powerful lights, recording and self-righting capabilities. They also have transmitters that help in locating blockage points in the pipeline. These video inspection scopes will let you see up to 300 feet within your home’s branch and drainage lines.

At one time when people faced problems with their drainage systems, they would just guess where to dig and hope they dug up at the right spot. If not, they would just keep digging until they found the spot where the drainage issue was located. However, now that technology has come such a long way. You can find more information on camera  inspection at this website. Traditionally, people opt for an inspection when they want to pinpoint the exact problem and have it fixed with little to no delay.


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